Over 140 lbs overweight

63 years old 180 lbs.

Healthy Low Salt,Protein Diet Food Tips – Healthy BBQ

I was over 320 Pounds with Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and cholesterol over 250. My doctor told me that I need start diet and exercise to lose weight. But diets make me more hungry, because diet food was tasteless and boring and I gain more weight anytime I start new diet. I bought expensive gym equipment for my home, than got Health Club membership and hire a personal trainer, but after 5 min of walking on treadmill I have no energy to do anything else so I stop it.  Doctor told me that I have clogged arteries with plaque from bad cholesterol and one day driving car with wife and kids all the sudden I got strong chest pain. I went to emergency and doctors told me that I have a hart attack and need quadruple bypass surgery. Surgery was really painful but I survived. Doctors prescribe me at least a dozen pills and ask again to lose weight, but still have no energy to walk and gain more weight after surgery.  Pills keep me alive but made no improvement to my health. I try all popular diets but was always gain weight faster than I lose it. Later I found an article on Internet from Harvard School of Public Health: “Too much sodium in the bloodstream can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, heart failure and possibly to stomach cancer".  So I got really scarred and start prepare my own food without salt and sugar, but my food was to bland and tasteless. On business trip with my wife we visit New Orleans and we loved Louisiana Cajun food, although all restaurant use a lot of butter and salt to provide flavor and preserve buffet food. So I start experiment making low sodium jambalaya, gumbo, BBQ meats and sauce without sugar and salt and it work!!!  Here I am 63 years old working 12 hours a day open my first Healthy-BBQ restaurant and preaching healthy eating habits without fry oil, low sodium food. After few month some regular customers start telling that our food fill-up for whole day, more energy and they losing weight.  We buy best quality meats locally sourced produce and pride ourselves in running a from-scratch kitchen.  We do not use processed, packaged meats with high amounts of salt. With a new flu season I start notice that our Gumbo soup FREE sample, stop people sneezing & coughing. We are located next door to a nail salon, Last month a young guy bought our shrimp Po'Boy sandwich. He was really sick and coughing all the time. I offer try our Butcher Gumbo with our own grind spices and he stop coughing. Young guy told me that he got sick a few days ago. Medication and cough syrup did not help him and look like my Gumbo Soup stop his flu. He was waiting for his girlfriend to do nails and hair, so I observe this guy for over 1 hour. He told me that his chest congestion are gone as well. Now as I see customer walking sneezing or coughing I offer them to get free gumbo soup sample. All of them tell me that spices in gumbo soup relieve they cold symptoms, faster than medications. Of course is not enough data to sell our gumbo soup in pharmacies across USA, but now customers comeback and send they friends to try our Healthy-BBQ Gumbo.

Salt enhances flavor and has been used for centuries to preserve food. Salt makes pretty much everything taste better: pizza, fry chicken, french fries, hamburgers, bbq and deli meats are some of the saltiest foods we eat. Medical professionals warn us that eating restaurant and process food with too much salt harmful to your health – leading to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Thanks to its chemical nature, salt has the amazing ability to intensify our food taste. To avoid salt in our serve food we use herbs and spices for flavor instead of adding salt. Fresh ground spices like garlic, cumin, turmeric, ginger, rosemary, celery, cilantro and onion we used to jazz up our barbecue meals.